What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser when you visit almost any website. Serves to ensure that the site remember your visit and save some basic information from you, and you have a better experience when you return to navigate it.

For legal purposes in Europe, alternative systems to cookies, such as local storage (where the information is not stored in a server, but in your web browser), have the same regulations.

What information stored?

Cookies usually save information of a technical nature, personal preferences, information for the personalization of content, usage statistics, links to social networks, your access as a User etc. Their aim is to adapt the content of the website to your profile and your needs. Without cookies, the services offered by the websites would be deteriorated significantly.

Cookies usually do not save information really important about you, no credit cards or bank details, or photographs, or your ID or personal information. The data saved are only of a technical nature with regard to your access to the website (language, type of profile, etc.), content that you've seen, pages you visit etcétera.

On the other hand, this information is not associated with you personally (your name), but the browser of your computer or mobile. In fact, if you navigate with the computer and evidence to do so with the cell, or if you change your browser, you will notice that the web does not realize that you are the same person and you're going to have to choose language again and select things you've selected in the other device. That is, the cookie is aware of what is the machine that you are referring to, not who is the Human who's behind.

What cookies used by this website?

Following the guidelines of the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos here are the cookies used by this website.

This website uses the following cookies:

cluster and clusterBAK: This web is hosted at OVH. When you access our site are generated cookies cluster and clusterBAK and a third with the name of the domain, which is used for the load balancing between clusters of hosting hired.

Third-party Cookies: The Web uses the services of that compile information for statistical purposes, use of the website by the user and for the provision of other services relating to website activity and other Internet Services.

Do You Want To avoid cookies?

You can restrict, block or erase cookies from any website that you use if you set up your browser. In each browser, the operation that you have to follow is different, but the 'Help' feature of your technical support will show you how to do this in each of these cases:

Internet Explorer




Do you have more questions about cookies in this website?

For any questions or queries about the use of cookies on this website, contact us.

Generic types of cookies

By Entity that assigns the domain

Own cookies: The generated by the own page you are visiting.

Third-Party cookies: those generated by external providers or services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google...

By its permanence

Session cookies: since you enter in a web until you let it.

Persistent cookies: Those that are saved for future visits.

By its purpose

Cookies techniques, the most elementary, which allow among other things to know when you are browsing a human and when an automated application, when you browse an anonymous user and one registered and so on. That is to say, basic tasks for the operation of any dynamic web.

Cookies of customization, which reflect your preferences of use, such as for example, the language that you chose to browse the web.

Cookies of analysis, which collect information on the type of navigation you are doing, the sections that you use, the products consulted, the time of use, the language etc.

Advertising cookies, you are advertising in function of your browser, in the country where you connect from, the language that you have marked as preferred etc.

Behavioral advertising cookies that collect information on the tastes and interests that you demonstrate during the navigation of the site and show the ads that accommodate them.

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